I had a great time in Australia. I would not say it changed my life, but it was a good trip. Now I crossed that big continent and I have an idea how it looks like down there.

In a way I was a bit disappointed, since so many people dream of visiting down under and its always hyped as such a great place to be etc. etc. Of course you can have lots of fun and adventure there, it is a well developed country and the white people have a relaxed laid back lifestyle, but still it is too much alike Europe and the US seasoned with the influence of the UK. It is a great place to hang out, but not to achieve something.

But that is enough of the criticism. Here the awesome things I have experienced and done, in a strictly non chronological order:

Fishing Lizards:

I thought the same, mate. Fishing? I thought they were reptiles… Well, it turns out that this almost extinct species of lizards sometimes acts more like a fish than one would think. I volunteered for the Flinders University on a field trip and I learned a lot.


Helicopter flying:

Yeah, first thing I took a picture of was the helicopter and somehow I ended up paying the probably most expensive airfare of my life. But it was worth it. And yes, it was short šŸ˜‰


Glass blowing:

Yepp, thats right. I came all the way around the globe to do glass blowing. Amazing Will is a glass wizard and I was honored to be his novice that morning.

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