I decided to visit a friend in Sweden who I met through couchsurfing. She is a crazy polish girl studying Biomedicine in the city of Lund. By crazy I mean the positive kind of crazy of a girl that loves travelling and adventures.

So that is how I happened to actually travel Sweden, instead of just travelling trough it. Here are some impressions of this lovely country, the following pictures are from the “Kullen” peninsula. On the first day it was strange for me to see birds again and I was very happy to be around trees…

I spend most of the week in Lund with nice dinner evenings (for example polish food), a graduation party (that I was improperly dressed for), and a visit to a sauna.

The visit to the sauna was quite exciting, as it is built in the middle of the sea, connected to the shore by a probably several hundred metres long jetty. On the platform is a small restaurant, one sauna for men and one for women. From inside you can watch the sea towards Denmark and take a cooling swim in the icy seawater or roll in the snow outside.

In the end of the week, we travelled to the before mentioned nearby “Kullen” peninsula. There we would spend two days hiking. I tried to find a Geocache but had to return as the cliffs were too slippery and steep to climb at this time.

The night we spent for little money in a tiny cabin in the garden of some house owners. Its is a wonderful tiny home with all you need, due to the lack of space some solutions are rather funny, like the fridge that opens into a bed. But it is a brilliant home for some nights for max. 2 people.

Last but not least I want to leave some words about “Nimis” in the independent micronation of “Ladonia”.

Ladonia is situated in the natural reserve of Kullaberg. It is a constitutional monarchy and has a rather interesting history. Everyone can get the citizenship of Ladonia, but currently none of the citizens resides within its borders. You can find out more about it on their own webpage www.ladonia.org or on Wikipedia.

The extremely controversial artwork “Nimis” sparked the whole dispute which led to the establishment of Ladonia. Even though it attracts many thousand visitors every year, you wont find it on any map. Even the painted waymarks on the trees were cut off the bark by opponents.

But it also has a seemingly vivid scene of supporters, brave volunteers who build it up again and again, after being burned down or torn by the elements. It is made out of nails and wood from the vicinity. I don’t know how high the towers are now, but its fun climbing them. Take care if you do so, things might break… (see pictures).

Its a very nice place, easy to reach and definetly worth the trip if you end up in Southern Sweden!

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