Sleeping in a Snowcave

Sleeping in a snowcave was still on my must do list.

On one of the hikes to the icecave in Larsbreen I met the Arctic Nature Guide students digging snowcaves for teaching purposes. Since all the hard work was already done and some of the created snowcaves were masterpieces, I just had to go up there to spend a night. So I did together with Alaskan Husky “Myrull” (“Cottongrass” in Norwegian). On the hike up even the Moon contributed to an amazing scenery.

The next morning I had an early peek out of the entrance hole and thought to myself “Annoying light pollution from town”. But when I climbed out of the cave to go to the bathroom, I was baffled.

It was bright, very bright. And it was yellow, reddish light, like from many lamps in town. The source was however in the opposite direction of town, behind Trollsteinen. It was so bright, I couldn’t believe it. It looked like there was an airport where Trollsteinen was supposed to be, or a football stadium.

My eyes did a better white correction, than the camera. Therefore the light appears to be much pinker than it appeared to the eye. It was very soft light creating a strong contrast. The whole landscape was visible. It was amazing.

In the last picture you see Longyearbyen seen from Sarkofagen.

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