A quick scooter spin and what it became…

These days the blue light is slowly crawling back into the sky around noon. It is possible then to enjoy the magnificent landscape and to explore places and valleys one has not been riding in.

Therefore me and my friend Sunniva wanted to take the snowmobiles for a quick spin. After starting the Sunday lazy, it was already late when we finally got going, so therefore the pictures are not quite as bright.

Notice how notoriously angry her scooter looks while mine is more the naive happy?

On the way back we found a hillside with quite deep powder which was great for playing around. We returned back to town, as we were not familiar enough with the area to ride in total darkness. But we were not ready to go home, so quite quickly the decision was made, to go to the icecave in the Scott Turner glacier.


The icecave, which you can visit on guided tours, is absolutely amazing this year. A must see and in my opinion nicer than the icecave in Larsbreen.

This is the entrance area…welcome to an underground world of ice and crystals, silence and majesty.

Isn’t it mystical?
Follow the light…


Its reminds me of temporary art…made by nature

Here is the rest of our visit in pictures 🙂

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