Autuum weather & Autuum light

This year we are served with extraordinary high temperatures and a lot of rain. Incredible amounts of rain (for Svalbard, where an “Extreme weather warning” is being given for 35-45 mm of precipitation in 12h…).

We just set another new record in “Highest Temperature in October” with 10,1 °C at the weather station at Svalbard Airport which has recordings since 1975. There was a station in Longyearbyen from 1911 – 1977 that had a reading of 9,9 °C in October 1961.

This year is exceptional and of course there is variation. Next year will probably be quite a bit colder again, but it is a long time trend. The last time we had an average monthly temperature below normal temperature was six years ago, in November 2010. Source


However, it is the finest time for beautiful light settings. The sun stays so low, that the red of the sunrise blurs into the red of the sunset…all that stretched out over many hours of the day.

This was the view from our flat today, it was really nice with a little bit of frost:





Here some more Svalbard-Autuum impressions from a journey with the Tallship SV Antigua.










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