Impressions Spring

As this developed a bit into a pictureboard I will post some of the pictures I liked best from the past few weeks. Sit back and enjoy some the show of the best time of the year in Spitsbergen.


Mine 7 is in full swing, Store Norske Spitsbergen Kullkompani is thinking about reopening Svea also. Here a coal truck unloading the black gold of Spitsbergen. Photographed from Longyeabyens other graveyard.

IMG_20170327_112039 (1)


Coal and snow on the ground in front of a Panorama of Hiortfjellet.



Me and a friend went to one of the glacier caves in Larsbreen. There is magic down here 🙂



Explorer in the glacier cave…



The beauty of frozen water.



Longyearbyen was hit by a second avalanche in February this year. Coincidentially, the norwegian police academy came to Svalbard to get some of their police dogs certified as avalanche rescue dogs.

I volunteered with some colleagues from the Red Cross Hjelpekorps Longyearbyen to be dug in under the snow for the dogs to be found. It was a bit more than 5 hours laying in the snow hole…if I would just have brought a book. 🙂

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