I have been torn if I dislike YouTube with all its bad and shaky home videos and ridiculous and wrong “Top ten …” compilations or if I like it enough to participate myself.

Then it got me thinking…maybe someone actually could be interested in seeing how we live in one of humanities northernmost outposts.

Then some friends suggested I should try having a YouTube channel…and I got some time on my hands in the christmas break.

So here it is… two YouTube channels of mine:

  • “The Svalbardian”: A channel dedicated to info and trivia for tourists and people interested in Svalbard.
  • “Polar Nomad”: This is going to be about my solutions to battle the arctic environment for a nomadic lifestyle and probably behind the scenes stuff.

And here is my first video:



Talking about YouTube, I would like to recommend some channels that I have found to be highly interesting and well worth some time:

“Smarter Every Day” is an enthusiastic Engineer and Dad who managed to preserve his natural curiosity. Destin then uses his wide knowledge and cool equipment to showcase unexplained phenomena or explains cool effects. I like his wit and authenticity.

“Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell” is a channel full of really well made graphic videos, that explain in an incredibly straight forward but yet understandable way scientific questions and their answers. Its the best place to start to understand the scientific depth of Rick and Morty šŸ˜‰

“colinfurze” is a british madman who will use any revenue on making videos into making the craziest machines in his shed to make videos of making them. And using them. There is now an apocalypse bunker under his garden and a several meters high ATAT in his garden as well. He loves anything pulse jet engine driven and is a hilarious character. Go check him out.

Have fun and all the best for 2018!

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